Search Engine Optimization For Ecommerce Website

E-commerce websites and stores are the most emerging these days, and businesses are coming online with their help. According to research, there are almost 26.5 million active e-commerce websites on the internet. But only having a website is not enough to sell the products. The market is becoming saturated day by day and a lot of people are offering the same products or services as yours. You need good eCommerce SEO services to increase your visibility and rank higher.

At Smart Web Ranker, we are the industry expert and provide the services of search engine optimization for eCommerce websites to our clients to ensure they get more organic traffic and sales. The sole purpose of a business coming online is to make more revenue, but without proper planning and strategies, it’s impossible to achieve it because of tough competition.

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What Is Ecommerce SEO?
It is important to understand what eCommerce websites are first. Businesses create websites and stores that contain the features of listing products. eCommerce itself means selling products online with the help of a store. Now, let's understand what eCommerce SEO is. Optimizing your store's speed, making it user-friendly, enhancing the navigation system, and targeting the high search volume keywords in your website by following all the search engine guidelines is what we generally mean by eCommerce website optimization. Targeting high search volume keywords in the website content helps increase our chances of being visible in the relevant searches by users. Once we start being visible, our websites need to be user-friendly because there are hundreds of other people with the same products, and users can easily jump from our website to theirs. In simple words, you need eCommerce SEO services for your website to improve your visibility and revenue as well.
Get More Customers With Our Ecommerce SEO Services
At Smart Web Ranker, we have been providing SEO for eCommerce websites for over a decade and have hundreds of satisfied clients. The world is changing very fast, and people are adapting to technology. They don't like to wait anymore and want to have everything fast while choosing the easiest ways. People have stopped going to malls for shopping because now all the products are just a click away. Research showed that almost 1.8 billion people used eCommerce websites in 2023 to buy the desired products and services. But the business with weak search engine optimization gets nothing but disappointment. At Smart Web Ranker, we help you rank your website with services like SEO for eCommerce websites. We help you set up all the things search engine requires from a website to store for the top rankings.

Why Work With Us?

Remove Duplicate Content

eCommerce websites contain hundreds of product pages. We help you remove duplicate content issues from your website, which results in better ranking.

Content Creation

Writing good and informational product descriptions is important. We help you come up with creative ideas and write descriptions that sell.


Link Building

Search engines mostly prioritize the websites with high authority scores. We help you get high-quality backlinks that help you increase your website's authority score.

Internal Links

At Smart Web Ranker, we internally link all your product pages with each other and make it easy for search engine crawlers to crawl from one page to another.

Canonical Code and Tags

We help you make canonical codes to rank particular pages using specific keywords. It helps us understand search engines our pages and makes it easy for us to rank.

Monthly Reporting

We provide a detailed and comprehensive report to our clients at the end of every month to ensure they are up to date with all the steps we are taking to improve the results.

Our Strategies Of SEO For Ecommerce Websites:

We believe in making difficult and challenging things easy for our clients to understand in the best manner. We do thorough research on your niche market and get all the things your potential customers are searching for on the web. We learn about their pain points and then compile the strategies to create content that addresses all their queries and provides enough information to make a buying decision.

We help you provide 24/7 the best shopping experience to all your customers with user-friendly and highly optimized websites by getting our SEO services for eCommerce stores. Here is what we do to make your website unique and distinctive from others.

Consultation Call

The first and most important step we take at Smart Web Ranker is a consultation call. We arrange a call with you to get all the required details about your business.

A Complete Research

Once we get all the details from you, we will start our research and find out your potential customers, their buying behaviour, pain points, and how to address them.

Keywords and Strategy Formation

With the help of our SEO experts, we find the right set of keywords to adjust your product description and prepare the strategies to outrank your competitors to get more sales.


Once all the strategies are ready, we implement them on your website and ensure all the keywords are adjusted in the content naturally to enhance the user experience.

Our Approach To Ecommerce Website Optimization

High-Quality Services

We ensure to provide high-quality SEO services for eCommerce websites to help you rank in search engines and attract millions of potential customers on the web looking for your services.

Long term Relationships

We believe in working with clients for the long term and treating them in a way by providing the best results possible so they don't leave in the middle of building good online visibility.

Talented Team

All of our eCommerce SEO experts have the experience of years in serving and helping businesses like yours rank their businesses to the top and make revenue of millions.


We know as a business owner you have many other important things to do. We help you take care of your online presence while you handle the other important things at your business.

What Our Ecommerce SEO Services Include?

Store Optimization

At Smart Web Ranker, we use most digital and premium tools to find the issues within your store and address them to make your website more search engine-friendly.

eCommerce PPC

We help you set up the right eCommerce PPC campaigns using the perfect pair of keywords by targeting the location with the most relevant queries related to your business.

Product Descriptions

At Smart Web Ranker, we have highly qualified and expert content writers who can help you write hundreds of creative and informational product descriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What are the eCommerce SEO services?

eCommerce SEO services mean creating strategies and implementing them in the best way according to the search engine guidelines to get a better ranking.

Well-reputed and professional eCommerce agencies hold years of experience and are familiar with all the proven strategies that work.

At Smart Web Ranker, we have industry experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We help you optimize your eCommerce website in the best manner for the best results.

eCommerce SEO services help your website outrank your competitors and save a spot-on top for the relevant queries in the search engines.

It is not possible to deliver the results overnight with SEO services. We use white-hat SEO techniques and keep all of Google’s policies and guidelines in mind.

Yes, we have a complete team for creating highly optimized, engaging, and user-friendly websites for our clients on special requests.