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Facebook is the largest social media platform, with more than 3.065 billion active users. People love to use Facebook due to its user-friendly interface and large number of communities. Businesses take advantage of it and pay for the meta to display their ads in front of relevant audiences. According to a blog published by Facebook, there are almost 8 million advertisers actively running their ads on Facebook and getting so much traffic and a huge increase in sales. As a Facebook advertising agency, we have industry experts and well-experienced professionals to take care of your meta-ads in the best manner. 

facebook advertising services
facebook ads services
Why Running Facebook Ads is Important?
A tremendous number of people use Facebook and its marketplace to purchase their desired products. There are over 1.228 billion shoppers on Facebook who purchase things from Facebook Marketplace every month. The reason behind generating so much sales is Facebook's algorithm. Facebook keeps a record of every user, including their likes and dislikes, buying behaviour, search history, intersection activities, followed accounts and their nature, etc. This helps Facebook know its users and then display the business's ads only to the relevant people who can be a potential customer in the future. At Red Apple Tech, we help you tell Facebook your targeted audience, their location, and buying behaviour in the best manner to ensure you take care of other important factors of your business without any worry with our Facebook ads services.
Expand your business with a Facebook Ads Agency
A Professional and well-reputed Facebook PPC advertising agency can help you skyrocket your sales by launching perfect campaigns for you. At Smart Web Ranker, we help you choose the right locations and audience behaviour with our years of expertise, knowledge, and dedication. We collaborate and work closely with you to deliver the best and highest-quality results to meet your expectations and increase sales by a huge margin. By hitting us as your Facebook ads agency, you can rest assured your social media handle and campaigns are in expert hands.
facebook advertising agency



At Smart Web Ranker, all of our team members are digital marketing experts and have experience running Meta ads for years.

Cost Effective

We help you launch perfect social media campaigns by experts with our Facebook advertising services without breaking the bank.


With the experience of years, we know all the core factors of running proper Facebook PPC campaigns that help you save time by implementing perfect strategies.

Campaign Performance

We have a proven track record of running the best Facebook ad campaigns with the help of proven strategies, methods, and techniques.

Latest Resources

At Smart Web Ranker, we use premium and up-to-date tools for research purposes and running campaigns to make them successful.


We know each business requires different strategies and outputs. We ensure to place the perfect campaign according to our client's requirements.

Our Working Process As A Facebook Advertising Agency:

We believe in making our advertising process easy and simple for our client’s understanding. At Smart Web Ranker, we ensure you do proper research about your industry, check the maximum number of your competitors, analyze their strategies, do thorough research on your targeted audience, check their buying behaviour, and then set up the campaign by targeting the best keywords people are searching for.

With the help of our experts and their strategies, we come up with creative and innovative ideas to get the best results from Facebook PPC campaigns. We also help optimize the conversion rate by setting up everything perfectly. Here is the breakdown of 4 simple steps we take to set up your campaigns in the best manner as a Facebook PPC advertising Agency.

Customer Research

Customer research is the first and most important step when it comes to setting up Facebook campaigns. We use different tools to find out the right demographics of your customers relevant to your business and products.

Strategy Creation

At Smart Web Ranker, we spend hours just creating the perfect strategies for your business. Our experts analyze all your competitors with the help of the Facebook ads library to see what they are doing and what we need to do to attract the most viewers.

Execution and Tracking

Once we have the perfect strategy, we set up all your audience's demographics and target the location with the largest number of relevant queries to execute the campaign. Once the campaign is live, we track every factor for campaign optimization purposes.


At Smart Web Ranker, we provide a detailed and comprehensive report with a breakdown of the steps and results we achieve at the end of every Facebook campaign. This ensures the client is up to date and satisfied with all the results.

Our Approach To Facebook Ads Services:


At Smart Web Ranker, we provide flexible services according to the demands and requirements of our clients to meet their unique business needs and goals.

Long-Term Partnership

We collaborate with our client's digital management team closely to ensure they get the best results possible to make a long-term partnership with them.


We believe in honesty and ensure to keep all of our client's data safe and secure all the time. We only share your data with the most senior members of the organization.


No matter. If you are a small startup with shiny dreams in your eyes or a large enterprise, we provide scalable services to everyone according to their needs.

What Our Facebook Advertising Services Includes?

Lead Generation Ads

Businesses always try to get leads as much as possible and Facebook acts as a strong and valuable platform to get potential ones. We help you set up Facebook campaigns in a way that attracts relevant audiences and converts them into a potential lead.

ECommerce Advertising

The eCommerce market is expanding day by day, and so are its demands. Due to the saturated market and tough competition, it’s important to run Facebook PPC ads to get more sales. We help you target demographics in the best manner to enhance visibility. 

Branding And PR

At Smart Web Ranker, we help you run Facebook ads to create brand awareness and Public Relations for your business. We boost your profile visibility with our Facebook advertising services and interact with people with the same interests. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Can you help me with event promotion?

Yes, we know it’s important for business to promote their events and create awareness in the public. We help you run ad campaigns for your event promotion in the best manner.

Yes, we do. At Smart Web Ranker, we have a dedicated team of copywriters who craft compelling and creative copies for our client’s Facebook ads. 

Most of the time, it depends on the business needs and goals. But on average, it takes 2-3 weeks to get results on Facebook.

At Smart Web Ranker, we help you achieve your organizational goals by implementing the right strategies and techniques to provide you with the desired results.