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By retrieving this website, you are agreeing to stick with the terms and conditions of this website, all valid laws and regulations and you are responsible for your actions and agreement with any appropriate local laws and enforcements. If you refuse to accept or agree with these terms and conditions of this website, you cannot access this website. All the content and material available on this website are protected by legal copyright and trademark law. 

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The content and material provided on the smart web ranker are completely as is. Smart web ranker makes no false promises, warranties guarantees, expressed or implied, and doesn’t claim any warranties and neglect them completely. Smart web ranker negates pledges, including, without limitations, any indirect contracts with customers or profitable conditions, appropriateness for a specific purpose, and breaching of the company’s intellectual property or violation of other lawful rights. Moreover, smart web ranker does not permit or make any false commitment about the accuracy of perfection or accuracy like the results or about the trustworthiness and solidity of the use of content and material on this internet site or any other relevant stuff to such factual, or any other platform or site related to this website. 

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In case of any danger, like without limitations or damage of your information or data or profit or due to any interruption in business, smart web ranker or its suppliers are not responsible for it. Any problem arising due to the inability to use data or material on the smart web ranker website, even if you have been informed by smart web ranker official representatives verbally or in writing, if any damage possibility occurs. It’s all because some authorities don’t permit restrictions on implicit warranties or any limitations for significant accidental or secondary compensations. These limitations and restrictions may not have applied to you. 

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All the material and data available on the smart web ranker website could include typographical data and technical or photographic errors. Smart web ranker does not claim that all the material displayed on the website is completely accurate, perfect, comprehensive, or current. Smart web ranker can make any change in the content or material of its website at any time without making any announcement. Smart web ranker does not make a commitment or obligation to update the website’s material. 

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